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Fasting for Sports Performance

The last blog discussed fasting and how it related mostly to weight loss. What about sports performance?   An easy answer is, no. Not by choice, anyway.   However, life isn’t always as expected. For golfers or anyone playing a tournament sport, things can happen. What if you get a late start, or weather delay, […]

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Glute Stretch

Glutes, glutes, glutes. This stretch will work different angles of the hip. If you golf, workout, or both, this stretch is a good idea. This is especially true if you are working on turning the hips more in a swing. Try it out! […]

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Is Intermittent Fasting for you?

I get a lot of questions about intermittent fasting, or IF’ing. It’s the idea that you skip eating for periods of time. For example, eating for 8 hours total during the day, and not eating for the other 16 hours. That would be an 8:16 IF. Others are more restrictive, leaving only a few hours […]

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Glute Circuit for Hip Power and to be Better at Life

The glutes are a big driver of hip power. Many of us often feel sore in our quads, or the front of the legs when doing leg work. Soreness isn’t necessarily a good thing per se, but it points out what you were predominantly using for the exercise. Getting more glutes involved is almost never […]

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Knots and Tightness in Upper Trap

Knots and tightness in the upper trap area are very common. Usually, they are a result of sitting, staring at phones or tablets, or sleeping on it weird. Sometimes, you may do an exercise that is a bit beyond your ability or too much weight, and your traps will overcompensate. For example, sometimes on rows […]

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Active Recovery

Active recovery is the idea that instead of just resting on off days, you do some light work to work out some kinks, get the blood moving, and keep in the habit of doing something everyday. I like to take advantage of it to do movements that I probably wouldn’t do during a regular workout. […]

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Why I love a Step Up with Rotation

  A golf swing begins from the ground up. If your feet are moving around, or an ankle is tight and unstable, you will not reach your full potential. Worse, it could cause swing compensations that can leave you hurt or with bad habits.   With a step up, you “ground” your feet into the […]

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I dont’ have any pictures of my own because we ate them all so fast!   Pork ribs. Are they the healthiest? No. Are they high in fat? Sure. Are they delicious? Yes. Do they keep me full? YES.   Once in a while ribs are a great dish. We always enjoyed them in the […]

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Why Does my Weight fluctuate so much day to day?

Are you trying to lose weight and weigh each day? Does your weight go up and down?  If it does, congratulations, your a legit human. Our day to day (even hour to hour) weight  fluctuates because of water status changes and to a smaller degree the weight of food.     If you eat a lot […]

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