3 Foam Roll Exercises for Pre and Post Golf

Soft tissue work has been increasingly emphasized in sport. Most gyms you walk into have a stack of rollers for people to use. While I don’t recommend too much time on the roller, taking 3 to 5 minutes is important for a number of reasons.


  • It gets you on the ground, moving around. It’s important as you get older
  • Helps hydrate the muscle tissues by pushing fluid around
  • Helps you realize you have something tight or uncomfortable before you find out the hard way with a weight over your head
  • It feels good, and is a nice way to cool down and warm up


Doing it before golf is important to loosen up. After golf is just as important, as it can help prevent stiffness and soreness. Here are 3 great ones to do



Remember, you should certainly feel it but you don’t want it too intense. If you have to cringe or hold your breath, it’s too much. You can always wrap a towel around the roller to ease into it. Also, I must note, make sure you are healthy enough to do this. I’ve heard of people thinking they have a knot in their calf, yet it was a blood clot. Please ask your doctor if you are at any risk for self massage and go from there.



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