3 Great Exercises for a Full Body Workout

Side Plank With Band Resistance


For general core strength this is a great one. Especially for golf-this helps get a lot of the spine stabilizers involved and it can also be great for strong shoulders.
I use this a lot after we master the side plank. Simply attach a band at a low anchor point, and you would be side planking facing away from it. Your top hand would reach under for the band. Be sure its tense enough to give some resistance throughout the entire movement. If your hips start to drop, stop the set or ditch the band for a bit. We usually don’t go over 10 reps per side.


Lunge to landmine press

Landmines are a great way to get joint friendly presses while also engaging the core muscles. Adding in the lunge really works hip drive and single leg stance (during the transition). Be sure to lean in a bit at the finish so that it is a true overhead position. Start light, but you can add weight to the end of the bar.


Landmine Press

The landmine press is something we use a lot, because it tends to be a little less risky than traditional overhead work. Lean in at the top to get a true overhead position. Overhead work is important for everyone, but especially golfers. Lack of overhead mobility can signal poor shoulder/shoulder blade health, and the swing relies on having rotation throughout that area. Also-having a strong foot drive is important in generating power and stability through a swing, and this exercises reinforces that.

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