Cross Training for Golf

Golf has certainly evolved in many ways. Look at the pros on top lately: Koepka, Thomas, Rory, Dustin Johnson……

They are all strong, well built, and athletic. To compete at a high level, whether it be pro or your weekend municipal course, being an athlete before a golfer will help your game. This means doing athletic stuff (besides getting up to grab a beer out of the cooler). One way to do this is cross training. Playing a few other recreational sports will help your game and your health. This includes tennis, pickleball, badminton, Frisbee, disc golf, basketball, touch football, or anything similar.

However, if this isn’t always an option, sprinting is a great idea.

To get started properly:

Don’t just go sprinting for an hour, because step 2 will be your local orthopedic.

Start by warming up with a fast walk or jog for 10-15 minutes. Then find a grassy area or soft track to do a few sprints. I would only begin with 2-4 sprints of 20 yards or less. Walk or jog in between. Go home. Do this a few days a week over the course of a month. If you are feeling good, increase the sprints to about 3-8 of 20 yards. As you get more comfortable, you can go slightly longer, or find hills to spring up and walk down.

Aim for about 2 sprint workouts a week during the nice weather. When it isn’t so nice out, focus on similar patterns, such as crawling and skipping in your workouts.

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