Don’t let Vacation Eating Continue at Home

A topic that has recently come up a lot with people I work with is eating on vacation. What are the rules?

The truth is, on vacation, do the best you can. Enjoy yourself! The biggest issue is when you come home. It’s very easy to let the vacation routine carry on. You get home from vacation, not a lot of groceries in the house, just go grab some takeout the next few days. This continues until you catch yourself, and it can take some work to get back on track.

Before you leave on vacation, stock your freezer with full meals or at least ingredients for a good meal. Frozen veggies, frozen shrimp or scallops, or burger patties are a good idea. Chicken and other meats are fine too, but can take a little longer to thaw out. You want things that are relatively easy to take out and prepare. Make a point of going grocery shopping the next day, and commit to “normal.”

The first week of being home, make an extra effort to overdo the veggies and fruits. Increase your portions of vegetables at dinner, and even try to include some with breakfast. I absolutely hate the word detox unless we are talking about a medical intervention. I prefer the term re-calibration. Give yourself an extra fruit and veggie boost when you are back just to get into the routine and drop that few pounds of water weight from vacation.

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