F your Juice Cleanse

It’s New Years time. All the diets come out of the woodwork. Facebook and IG are swarmed with people who are now diet experts. You eat carbs, eww!! No no, these shake that I happen to sell are magic. Definitely not a pyramid scheme. 

My only New Years resolution is to post more on here and use a dog pic in every post.  Mission accomplished so far.

Anyway, back to diets. Can we please stop? You aren’t good enough to diet. Yes, I said that. 

The only people who can or should diet are those that have maintained a healthy weight in a sustainable manner for years. By diet, I mean doing a little cut before a trip or reunion, maybe 5 pounds, and can go right back to maintenance after. No getting rid of carbs, no juice cleanse, no shake dealer on social media. Just stop with that. It’s BS and deep down you know it. 

Here’s the hard truth, most likely:

You don’t eat nearly enough vegetables. Record pics of what you eat for a week,and look back. I bet there aren’t as many as you thought. 5 big servings a day with a variety of vegetables? OK you have homework to do. 

Do you snack like a child? I’m not being mean, I catch myself doing this too. If you are snacking, especially with crappy sugary food, you need to stop. Pick 2-3 meals and perhaps a healthy fruit/yogurt type snack and stick to it and adjust accordingly as you go.

Half your body weight in ounces of pure water? Didn’t think so.

Sleep at least 7 hours a night, consistently? Go back to bed.

Lift heavy stuff in the gym? Put the 5 pound dumbells back, walk past the dude who’s been doing the same elliptical workout for years and hasn’t changed a bit, and go lift something heavy. 

In all seriousness, let’s have a wonderful year full of memories, be objective with yourself and your lifestyle, and let’s do something great.

My pups waiting for you to stop lying to yourself


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