Fasting for Sports Performance

The last blog discussed fasting and how it related mostly to weight loss. What about sports performance?


An easy answer is, no. Not by choice, anyway.


However, life isn’t always as expected. For golfers or anyone playing a tournament sport, things can happen. What if you get a late start, or weather delay, and can’t get food in? While I prefer athletes to have regular meals and a few planned snacks depending on the length of play, sometimes it won’t happen.


So, for planning purposes, I wouldn’t recommend fasting of any kind. However, occasionally, throw yourself a curveball and skip a meal before playing. Our bodies are equipped to go long periods without food (not so much hydration), you just need to be somewhat OK with it mentally. Yes, you’ll have hunger pangs at first. However, once you realize you’ll live and no puppies will be harmed in the process, you’ll settle down and be fine.


When you are in a tournament, or busy traveling, you won’t have a bad performance or a bad time if you can’t get something to eat for whatever reason. You’ll be more resilient to what life throws at you. Try it out occasionally, and be sure to learn from it!

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