InstantPot Mahi-Mahi

I have to admit, I didn’t buy the hype of the InstantPot.

I’m now a believer. It not only replaces other devices such as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and rice cooker. But it also saves you time and cleanup. Multiple cooking features, one pot to clean.

I just made Mahi-Mahi in there, but you can cook any fish of similar size (a little less than 1″ tall filets) with the same method.

Coat the skin side of the fish with olive oil.
Put the fish on the rack
1 cup of water on the bottom
Spice the filet side of the fish. I chose paprika, garlic pepper, and Szechwan seasoning

Enter “Pressure Cook”, manual 5 minutes. Close the valve. It’ll take about 5 minutes for the pressure to come up, the timer will go to 5 minutes, and will shut off from there. Wait another 5 minutes to release the pressure. The fish is perfectly done.

I served it with romaine lettuce with bleu cheese. Roasted Acorn squash, and Brussels sprouts I also cooked in the InstantPot (3 minutes manual pressure mode)

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