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I was given this recipe by a man who is 93, has had plenty of good wings, and swears by these! No sauce required, just some spices and a touch of butter. They are very crispy.   This is for 3lbs of wings, so adjust accordingly. 1.5 tsp salt (although when I do these again, […]

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Goblet Squat

Deload once in a while from heavy squats. If you’ve been getting after the weights, and you don’t have a planned deload week, it’s time you start. You can still workout, but go lighter and use movements that help build form. The 1.5 rep goblet squat is a great choice. It’s awesome for developing a […]

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Side Lying Lateral Raise

Shoulders are always a tricky one. Not just for golf, but also for general fitness. They are a finicky joint, and one that many of us have issues with. One major issue is compensation by the traps, or “shrugging” the shoulders when doing shoulder exercises. This leads to poor mechanics and knots in the upper […]

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Face Pull

  I consider this a recovery exercise. It helps move the shoulder blade in planes that not even rows can hit. Think of it as a balancer. With all the upper body work you do, it will help keep shoulders healthy. At the end of movement, think a flex pose like Arnold. 10-15 reps, medium […]

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3 Things to Pack in Your Golf Bag

I get the question a lot: “What should I eat on the course?”   For the purpose of this article, I am assuming we are also not in weight loss mode. I am thinking strictly in terms of performance. I am also going off convenience. A 3 course meal in your bag sounds like something […]

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3 Great Exercises for a Full Body Workout

Side Plank With Band Resistance   For general core strength this is a great one. Especially for golf-this helps get a lot of the spine stabilizers involved and it can also be great for strong shoulders. I use this a lot after we master the side plank. Simply attach a band at a low anchor […]

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  It’s still grilling season! Kabobs are really just stir fry on a stick. They are a great way to get vegetables and protein in, and can be done rather quickly.   Get the wooden disposable kabob sticks, they basically look like a big toothpick. Soak them in water so that they won’t burn on […]

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Do any Supplements Help Your Golf Game?

  Very few supplement products exist specifically tailored for golfers. (see one here: http://www.ezgolfoutings.com/supplies/strong-drive)   StrongDrive has creatine, caffeine, and a few other ingredients along with a catchy name.  Notice the claims: A university study found that golfers increased their drive distance by 14 yards, and got 6% stronger in a bench press. Sounds like […]

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To Ice or Not to Ice?

Article below is worth a read if you have iced injuries before, or have now heard that it is bad for you. As with almost anything, it depends. Just like in statistics, conclusions can be skewed in a way that gives into the reviewers bias. Research showing that icing was “bad” for you was interpreted […]

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