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Salmon, Artichoke, Side Salad, and Yes, Instant White Rice

Gasp!!! Yes, I eat white rice. While it’s very true you want to choose a diet mostly with vegetables, fruits, whole grains (if you eat grains), and protein. The whole grain thing: yes it has more fiber and is less refined. Refined, that’s a funny word. We demonize it with food, the more refined the […]

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Meal Structure-When to Change it up

If you’ve read some of my other work, you know one of the main principles I talk about is having a meal structure. If you want to gain weight, forget about meal structure, and eat as often as you can. For most of us, we are trying to avoid weight gain. Having set eating times […]

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Punch the Clock Workouts

Saturday mornings I do a group workout, where a lot of my members get together and we do a full body workout. They are usually a bit more intense than workouts during the week. The group generally brings up the intensity. However, last Saturday nobody was into it. It’s a natural part of workout life. […]

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Curls as a Plank

When you think of core work, crunches, sit ups, and planks may come to mind. However, one big function of the midsection is to prevent movement. A bicep curl is a great example. As the weight gets away from your body, during the middle of the movement, you have to use more muscles to keep […]

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Should I Consume Protein Right After a Workout?

This is a common question I get. The short answer is no. The caveat is that it depends on what your meals are and when. If you’ve eaten within 2 hours previous to your workout, and the meal was balanced (20+ grams protein, a small amount of fat, starch, and veggies), you’re fine. Just eat […]

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I was given this recipe by a man who is 93, has had plenty of good wings, and swears by these! No sauce required, just some spices and a touch of butter. They are very crispy.   This is for 3lbs of wings, so adjust accordingly. 1.5 tsp salt (although when I do these again, […]

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Goblet Squat

Deload once in a while from heavy squats. If you’ve been getting after the weights, and you don’t have a planned deload week, it’s time you start. You can still workout, but go lighter and use movements that help build form. The 1.5 rep goblet squat is a great choice. It’s awesome for developing a […]

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Side Lying Lateral Raise

Shoulders are always a tricky one. Not just for golf, but also for general fitness. They are a finicky joint, and one that many of us have issues with. One major issue is compensation by the traps, or “shrugging” the shoulders when doing shoulder exercises. This leads to poor mechanics and knots in the upper […]

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Face Pull

  I consider this a recovery exercise. It helps move the shoulder blade in planes that not even rows can hit. Think of it as a balancer. With all the upper body work you do, it will help keep shoulders healthy. At the end of movement, think a flex pose like Arnold. 10-15 reps, medium […]

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