Potato Sack Squat

Strength coach Dan John talks about a continuum when it comes to a deadlift versus a squat. Click HERE to see the image.

Basically, nothing is black and white. Some moves are in between a pure deadlift and a squat. The potato sack squat is right in the middle, because you can see a lot of knee bend but also a lot of bend at the hips. It’s a great way to start learning both moves, as it does a good job of easily teaching a neutral spine. In life, and golf, nothing is going to be perfect technical form. We just want to learn concepts, and get strong in the basic movements. The carryover will show up. When the weight is in front of you and the cue of “just pick it up and put it down”, it’s an easy move to learn because you can’t overthink it. If you are having trouble with your deadlift or squat, add these into your routine. Use a mirror and get a side view of yourself. Things will clean up quickly. Learning strong hip extension (standing up) with load and a neutral spine, will translate to a lot more power in every athletic thing you do.

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