Process Versus Outcome for Fat Loss and Performance

I have the privilege of being around some of the top golf instructors in the country. I always pay attention to what they are doing, because good coaching has carryover to just about anything. The big theme I noticed is focusing on the process. Pre-shot routine, how to aim, grip, SWING. Less thinking, more routine. By focusing on things you can control, you’ll worry less about hitting the ball into the woods. The better control you have, the more fairways you will hit without overthinking.

The same is true for weight loss. Being obsessed with the scale isn’t a sustainable way to do it. Inevitably, you will have a good week and the scale will not move (or worse, move up). It’s a part of how it works. By focusing only on measurements, chances are you’ll get frustrated and look for the next new thing.

Instead, focus on the process. Did you do an A+ job with meal prepping? Portion control? Do you have a game plan for how many meals and snacks? Did you stay properly hydrated? Sleep enough? All of these things and more lead to weight loss. If the scale isn’t moving after at least 2 weeks, go back and nitpick your process. Is there a breakdown on the weekends? Perhaps need more time set aside to meal prep? Perhaps walking more at night will help? By objectively grading your actions, you’ll narrow down to the exact process that works for YOU. Everyone has an opinion on social media these days. Tune out the noise, focus on YOUR day to day routine. Being process oriented is the way of the pro.

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