6 Weeks to Look Good and Play Your Best Golf

Hey, my name is Marc Halpern, and I’ve struggled with both losing weight and playing golf. OK, maybe golf is always a struggle (isn’t that the fun of it?). About 18 years ago, I was 75 pounds overweight and started to have an interest in trying golf. I became hooked, and I can honestly say that it was a big part of eventually losing the weight. It gave me self-confidence, because it is a sport where you can play at any level and slowly get better.

The funny thing was when I lost 75 pounds, I couldn’t even hit the ball anymore. I could barely get it off the tee. I became so frustrated I actually quit playing for a few years. When I picked it up, I was a bit more used to my new body type, and in a way relearned how to play golf.

I believe too many golfers get frustrated at the disconnect between physical fitness and golf skill. Sometimes working out can get in the way of your game. Other times, due to the number of opinions out there, we don’t know what to do in the gym. Should we stretch more? What about lifting a bit heavier to help put on a bit of muscle?

I can tell you that you a workout to look good naked, be healthy, AND improve your golf game. I spend my days at my facility at TPC Summerlin, a PGA club. All day we are working with people who want to do all three. When you gain a better understanding of the golf swing from a fitness point of view, things will be clearer.

I put together a sample workout program that will help you integrate traditional “ gym stuff” with more golf oriented exercises hitting the issues I see the most. Follow it to a tee (it never gets old), and you’ll notice more strength behind your shots, more stability staying down on the ball, and you’ll be well on your way to hitting your body composition goals as well.

It won’t take an excessive amount of time, and you’ll gain an appreciation for a new way of training.

Some of the things we cover:

  • How hip stability and your glutes (butt muscles) are interconnected
  • Why the ankles are so Important for a strong and stable swing
  • Upper back mobility is vital in maintaining a proper swing
  • How to best warm up before a workout and before golf
  • An entire 6 week routine in the gym designed to look great and play great
  • All exercises have a video library to learn proper form
  • A guide for cardio, which will help golf endurance and lose body fat

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In addition to getting the program, I also send out a weekly email to keep you up to date with new and innovative ways to keep in shape for golf and body composition. Some of the topics include:

  • Exercise pairings for golf and fitness, a golf-specific one paired with a more traditional exercise
  • Exercises that can help joint mobility which in turn helps posture and power
  • Best food to have on the course
  • How to lose weight properly and still perform on the course
  • Recipes to keep things interesting
  • Working closely with some of the top instructors in Nevada, I discuss how swing mechanics are related to exercises in the gym
  • Videos to demonstrate recent additions to golf specific workouts

I made this program absolutely free because I owe a debt to the game. It helped me get where I am today, and in better shape than the path I was heading. Golf and fitness do not have to be separate things. I want to encourage you to do both. Give the program a try!