Pre-Program Fat Loss

How to get your feet wet, without committing to a rigorous program.

A major problem today is that most of us jump into programs that require a lot of time, energy, and money. While there is a time and place for “more”, the fact is that starting out requires consistency. It’s hard to find consistency when completely changing your life balance. Have you ever wanted something, but not willing to put the work in at the moment? This has been incorrectly called “lazy” in our society. It could be weight loss, finances, a trip, career, or whatever. We get things done when our values align with our actions.

It could just be that right now, our health goals aren’t on top of the list, but it’s still a value. While we wait for that value to come up the list and begin action mode, we can get ready. I called this the pre-program, because these are great things to begin doing with minimal work or time commitment. By the time you really get into action mode, you’ll have momentum, knowledge, and confidence. The funny thing is, you may already be halfway towards your goals by doing the little things consistently. If all of my clients came to me already having most of this stuff down, I’d seem like a rockstar without doing a whole lot. It’s the cheat sheet to getting going.

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