Pulled Pork, BBQ corn, Baked Potato

Pulled pork:

Your favorite bbq sauce

2-4lb pork roast


Put pork in crockpot, slow for 8 hours

Cut up onions, and add a half cup of water

After 8 hours, take pork out, drain water and onions

Use 2 forks to pull apart pork

Add in BBQ sauce (less is more, about a cup), and mix together

Put on slow cook for another half hour or hour

If you find that it’s not enough bbq sauce, add a small amount more before serving




Keep corn in husk, soak in water for an hour

Throw right onto the BBQ. Flip a few times, BBQ for about 20 min

The corn steams in the husk.

Take off BBQ, use a towel to avoid burning your hand, and peel the corn


Baked Potato


Pre-heat oven to 375

Coat the potato with olive oil, salt, pepper

Poke a few holes in the potato (never had one explode, but still…)

Bake for about 45 min, the skin will be nice and crispy

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