Punch the Clock Workouts

Saturday mornings I do a group workout, where a lot of my members get together and we do a full body workout. They are usually a bit more intense than workouts during the week. The group generally brings up the intensity. However, last Saturday nobody was into it. It’s a natural part of workout life. Some days you just don’t bring 100%. Could be the dog days of summer, school almost starting again, coming back from vacations…..whatever.

The point is, it’s totally OK to have what I call a punch the clock workout. You show up, do the workout on the board, and go home. In fact, I think it’s essential. In a world where we want things now, pedal to the metal, punish yourself for that cheeseburger and years of not working out…..a punch the clock workout is actually what you really need. We know linear progress isn’t sustainable, there will be highs and lows, but always trending up if you stay consistent.


50% of your workouts are punch the clock. A medium intensity, you get the work done, make slow “gainz”, and feel refreshed.

25% of your workouts should be “bring it”. Get after it, set a personal record, go for that extra rep, do an extra sprint, and push it. There needs to be some urgency.

25% of your workouts should be really low intensity, scale back a few reps, walk instead of run, and spend some time stretching and doing the little recovery things your body needs. Go home, take an epsom salt bath, read a good book, and be thankful for the little things in life. These workouts are especially important during a tough week at work or a stressful family life.

At the root of it all, is self forgiveness. You are doing the best you can, and you must realize that life is about many choices, and fitness, golf, and nutrition are only a few of them you must make.

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