Quick Result Golf Circuit

I continue to believe that “golf specific” workouts is a funny term. The only thing golf specific is playing or practicing golf. In the gym, you need to work on general strength, endurance, and power. With mobility and stability work, you just need to remove any restrictions on your body that would block you from swinging optimally. With that being said, here is a great triple combo hitting some very common issues for us weekend warriors.


Work up to 15 reps in the pushup.

Spend 30s each round on the hip drill

On the carry, do 1 roundtrip about 15 yards per setup. So in each round you’ll do a roundtrip each of L arm up R arm weight at side, and R arm up L arm down at side.


Work up to 5 rounds without rest (the hip drill is your rest)


We are hitting endurance, hip mobility, core activation, overhead strength, and hip stability all at once with this triplet!

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