Ramping Isometrics

The concept of ramping isometrics have been around, but I was introduced to more specific protocols by James Wilson of bikejames.com and pedalinginnovations.com. The concept is simple, but brutal to execute. Isometrics mean that you contract muscles but you don’t actually have movement. They are relatively safe because there is no outside force acting upon your body that can tear muscle or tendon tissue.


I like them for everyone, and especially for my golfers traveling for tournaments because it can be done anywhere and doesn’t leave you too sore. Here is one of my favorite drills for a rotational movement (or lack thereof).



The concept is this:


30 seconds push into the wall (by trying to rotate the torso) 50% of your effort
30 seconds start pushing 75% of your effort

30 seconds maximum 100% effort into the wall.


The entire exercise is 90s in total, without rest. You’ll certainly feel a lot going on, but the other people in the gym might think you’re crazy. I prefer it that way!

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