Salmon, Artichoke, Side Salad, and Yes, Instant White Rice

Gasp!!! Yes, I eat white rice. While it’s very true you want to choose a diet mostly with vegetables, fruits, whole grains (if you eat grains), and protein. The whole grain thing: yes it has more fiber and is less refined. Refined, that’s a funny word. We demonize it with food, the more refined the less healthy. Yet with people, calling some unrefined can be an insult.

The truth is, I hate brown rice. I find it appalling. I love white rice, and yes, the instant kind. It’s done in 5 minutes, add a small amount of butter, and it’s delicious. We don’t eat it often, but sometimes when we want a different starch, we’ll go with a portion of white rice. Portions are the number one priority. If you have a reasonable portion of “insert “bad” starch here”, once in a while, you’ll be just fine. This is especially true if the majority of the rest of the meal is protein and vegetables. As an aside, I cooked the salmon like this:

A drizzle of olive oil, generous amount of lemon juice, pepper, garlic powder, and a small pat of butter. Cover in foil, bake at 350 for about 20-30 minutes.

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