The Importance of Having an Activation Routine Before Golfing

Do you stretch before golf? I’d argue this alone isn’t adequate, and in some cases, may be counterproductive. If you are hypermobile, stretching may not be a good idea and could temporarily reduce your power. If you have to ask if you are a hypermobile, you’re not.

For most of us, doing what I call “activation” is the way to go before a round or practice. You are doing a warm-up for muscles, getting your neurological system fired up, stretching anything that needs it, and getting the joints ready for impact. This will save you from that tight first swing, save time on the range, and reduce your risk of injury.

An ideal activation should take no more than 10 minutes, hits the major parts of the body, and leaves you feeling good. Here is a common activation routine, a bit generic but works well for most.

It looks like a lot, but once you get used to it, should take 10-12 minutes and can be done most anywhere. Adjust things based on how you feel. If you’ve had an injury or are recovering from one, have your therapist put a few things in there for you as well.

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