The Importance of Nutrition in Sport

The term “sports nutrition” has always been a funny term to me. Of course, athletes have some different needs than others. However, nutrition has to be a focus for all of us, in the sport of life. We need to perform at our best regardless of the type of task.


I thought the quote from this article was interesting:


“the nutrition aspect has become viewed as important as everything that goes on in the weight room, by coaches and players, with each part directly connected to the other.”


This is from Nebraska, a collegiate athletic program that produces a lot of cash for the school. It’s big time. If you ever want to find out the importance of something, follow the money. They wouldn’t be investing in a nutrition program if they didn’t think it would pay dividends.


Sports nutrition is really the 10% detail that has to be built on the 90% base of fundamentals. A poor diet with a sports drink after a workout is still a poor diet. Details like supplements, meal timing, and hydration will not help as much when still eating poor quality food, not enough, or too much. If you are going to put the work in the gym, make sure you begin to make some fundamental changes first!

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