Vacation Eating

If you are heading out on a big trip, there are many reasons to want to eat consistently. Perhaps you are trying to keep up with weight loss, muscle gain, or just want to feel good while away and not get bloated or have digestive issues. We just got back from a trip in Montana, and it’s tough eating “properly”. Nothing beats your own kitchen.


Our rule is pretty simple, get as many vegetables as you can. Don’t overthink it. Coleslaw counts. So does tomato slices on a burger, a side salad, or even fruit as dessert. Get as many fruits and vegetables as you can, and otherwise don’t worry. Of course you won’t eat as well, because you are in restaurants at night. Drink plenty of water. First thing in the morning, drink a big glass.


For breakfast and lunches we did bars and PBJs. Simple. Light eating during the day, and a bigger dinner at night with some veggies. It’s really that simple, especially if you are only going away for a week or so. If you travel for work, things become different because it’s more of your normal routine. Enjoy the summer!

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