Vacation Weight Isn’t a Bad Thing

You start a nutrition and exercise program. Everything is going great. Weight is down, strength is up, and you feel good in a routine. A vacation or work trip comes up. You come back up a few pounds, didn’t get a workout in, and feel down on yourself. Sound familiar?

I see this all the time. I actually look at it as a good thing. I’ve seen anywhere from 2 to 14 pound gains in a weeks vacation.

Here is the truth: it’s water weight, nobody can gain that much fat in so little time. Saltier foods, alcohol, less water intake, carbohydrate content, and general overeating can cause this. It’s vacation, so, good! You try your best, accept that it isn’t perfect, and come home ready to be back on track.

The problem is when vacation becomes a 3 year event, and you show up at a gym come January 1 ready to get it this time.

Strategy #1

Plan on being loose but reasonable on vacation in terms of food and activity. We don’t want to gorge, but we also want to enjoy new experiences. Accept that you will gain a few pounds, but also plan on coming back to the same routine when you are back.

Strategy #2

When returning home, be sure to commit to being well hydrated. Think half your body weight in ounces of pure water.

Strategy #3

Plan a workout session in advance before you leave on vacation for a day or two after you are back. Have a friend or trainer waiting for you.

Strategy #4

The few days after you return, really focus on protein and vegetables as your main meals. Avoiding really starchy meals will help you get some of that weight off for the first few days. Home cooked veggies!

In about a week, your vacation weight will be gone, and you will be back on track! Enjoy yourself, experience new things, and forgive yourself. Stressing about weight loss will only hamper your experience.

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