What is a meal supposed to look like?

How much protein do you need to eat? Is pork healthy or is chicken better?

These questions miss the point. Don’t focus on better vs worse, healthy vs unhealthy. Instead, start listening to your body about what keeps you full, feeling good, and loving food. Loving food, by the way, is one of the biggest factors of being successful. Too often I get people who dieted their way into disliking food. They become content with that fact that food needs to be bland to be considered healthy.

My number one goal for everyone is to ENJOY food and look forward to eating! Delicious fresh food, great company, memories, and a break from life is what we need. No iPhones or TV for an hour. Take a breath.

Here is one of my favorites:

  • 1-3lb pork shoulder
  • 2-3 onions, cut up (not minced)
  • Put in crockpot (onions on bottom) for 6-8 hours on low
  • Remove from crockpot, shred with a fork, put back in pot
  • Pour BBQ sauce on top, to desired amount
  • Mix
  • Cook for another half hour


cube potatoes, cook in a small amount of beef tallow and a pinch of salt until brown (but not burnt). Usually 15 minutes, flipping every 2-4 minutes. Medium heat is plenty.


Once the potatoes are done, put cut up asparagus into the same pan as the potatoes were in and cook for about 5 min

This meal has starch (potatoes), protein (roast), fat (beef tallow and roast) and veggies (asparagus). I know it was the right amount, because one serving of each was plenty. I wasn’t stuffed, but I certainly wasn’t looking through the cabinets after. Don’t overthink it. If a meal doesn’t fill you up, look to add a fat, starch, or protein and see if a small increase in one of the 3 will keep you full.

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