What to do with a Slight Injury

If you feel something coming on, like a tight shoulder or elbow, should you just stop everything and let it rest? Recently I started lifting 6 days a week, quite intense. I want to do a powerlifting meet this coming spring. I’m not looking to be a world champ by any means, I just want to do the best I can and experience what the sport has to offer. Just a little something to train for. Increasing the volume and some new lifts (wide grip bench, hack squats, to name a few) have caused me to pause here and there. My bicep tendon started getting a little cranky. I decided to back off for a few weeks and work on technique, making sure the joint and surrounding areas are working properly, and come back stronger. In the meantime, however, I got after my deadlifts and squats. I also decided to get in better cardio shape. I have a gym in my HOA community, and I go most days and get 2 miles on the treadmill. Sometimes I run fast, sometimes walk at incline, but always aim for 2 miles and get my capacity up.

In short:

  • Catch any aches and pains early
  • Take a timeout to figure out why it is happening
  • Take it as an opportunity to work on other aspects of your fitness or game.

This certainly beats the usual cycle of “work through it”, get really hurt, take time off from everything, hope to get back into it. Train hard but train smart! Have a great week!

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