Why I am now an Office Administrator for an Accountant Firm

Sounds like a fine job, and one where people probably wouldn’t have too many follow up questions. So this is my new fake job. If I say I’m a dietitian and strength coach at a party, airport, or anywhere public really, there is always the “Well how do I lose this? (grabbing their stomach or arms)”, or “My uncle is on Keto, is that OK?”

Obviously I enjoy what I do and don’t mind discussing topics, however, most people just want validation to what they are doing, or want all the answers in 5 minutes. Mostly it’s the validation part. Nutrition for some is almost like a religion. They believe what they believe. They really just want confirmation from a professional, or simply dismiss that professional as “mainstream” if they don’t like what they hear.

Often it’s that something happened in their life. Maybe a health issue or family member’s health has forced them to rethink things, blame certain foods, or get lost in the “natural living” world of the internet where everything is toxic, a blog Dr. says eat 25lbs of wheat grass a day, or some concoction is better than a real medication.

I totally understand this. I also appreciate the natural side of things. However, without science based evidence, most things are just opinions or hearsay. My advice is to not argue. If someone is going to do X diet, it’s best to wish them well with it. Focus on yourself, and ignore most other opinions outside of sources you really trust.

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